Have a question you need to ask about our proofreading, editing, and content writing services? Check our service FAQs and see if we already have an answer to your question below. If you do not find any answer related to your question, please feel free to drop us a note using our Contact Us page.

Content Writing FAQs

Yes. We only craft high quality, original articles for our clients. In fact, we make it a point to tailor our writing to our clients’ specifications. To make sure that we are producing only 100% original articles, we first run the articles our writers have produced on a variety of anti-plagiarism software to check for duplicates and plagiarism before we submit them to the client for approval.

The time frame for the completion of orders can vary depending on the type and volume of articles requested. Normally, a set order of 5 to 10 articles may be completed within 2 days to one week. Single orders may take 2 days to be completed. Contact us for an appropriate quote on the turn around time of your projects.

We want to give our clients only high quality articles that will work best for their websites or article marketing campaigns. We don’t want to produce articles that are substandard. As such, we decline to produce a certain number of articles within a 24-hour deadline. Our articles go through a thorough quality assurance process before they are submitted to our clients for approval and this process may take sometime. Only orders consisting of one to two articles may be completed within the 24-hour deadline. Please contact us for a free quote on how many days your orders can be completed.

Yes. You will have exclusive copyright to all contents/articles you ordered. Once an article has been approved and paid by you, it will not be reused by Edit Write Services or any of its writers in any way.

Yes. You own all rights to the articles we submit to you. Therefore, you may do anything you want with them.

Yes, you are entitled to request revisions in cases where you may find problems with the articles submitted to you. However, article revisions may only be accepted based on the following reasons:

  1. Article does not follow the specific requirements or instructions provided by the client (i.e., keywords, keyword density, word count, and all other specifications provided in the brief.)
  2. Article is erroneous, of low quality, or has problems in terms of flow, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

Yes. We use Copyscape to check our articles against any duplicate content.

No, you don’t have to be a registered client to order an article from us. Simply email us and let us know your article requirements and we will get back to you once we receive your email. Being a registered client, though, has some perks. For instance, as a registered client, you have access to our Instant Price Calculator, which allows you to determine the amount of your order immediately.

To order articles from us, simply use the form in our Contact Us page or send an email to info (at) editwriteservices dot com. We will respond to you within 24 hours to facilitate the processing of your orders.

No. We don’t ask for upfront payment for our article writing service. We ask payment only after the articles have been sent to you. In some instances, when there are more than 10 articles, we may ask payment in increments of 10 articles before we proceed with writing the remaining orders. For our return clients, we may send invoices on a monthly basis or as agreed upon.

We have proven track record in writing high quality articles on a wide variety of topics and niches. Visit our Testimonials page to see what our other clients say about the services we offer. Apart from that, you can always ask for revisions if you are not happy with the output. We can revise your articles until you are satisfied with the copy.

We accept payment through Paypal and bank transfer. If you wish to pay using a credit card, you can do so using Paypal as well. Paypal accepts credit card payments securely online.

Proofreading and Editing FAQs

Our editing and proofreading rates are based on two factors:

  1. word count or length of the document you want edited or the number of words that you want edited in a document and
  2. how soon you want your edited document to be returned back to you.

Our editing rates range from $.018 per word to $.03 per word, depending on your chosen turn around time. Our proofreading rates per word range from $.01 to $.02, depending on your chosen turn around time. If you want to avail of our service using our per page rates, please see per page rates here.

You can use MS Word or other word processing software to know the exact word count of your document. In case you are not using MS Word, you may use our word count calculator found in our client dashboard. Please note that only registered clients have access to our client dashboard.

We accept payment through Paypal, Xoom, and direct bank transfer.

You can either create a new Paypal account or pay with a credit card. Paypal allows credit card payments through their gateway even without a Paypal account. For more information about paying through Paypal, please visit the Paypal website.

Time frame for each document sent to us for editing depends on several factors. These factors include complexity of the document to be edited, number of words or pages, and many others. For documents consisting of 100 to 25000 words, you may set your own deadline by choosing any of our preset turn around time frames: 72 hours, 48 hours or 1 week. If you wish to avail of our faster turnarounds, please contact us for a free quote.

Simply fill out the form found in the Contact Us section of this website or use the order form found here. You may also send us an email at info @ editwriteservices dot com. Make sure to include your instructions, required time frame, word count of the document, and your specific guidelines on how we should edit your document. We will contact you once we receive your order.

If you are a registered user, you may send your order through the client dashboard.

Yes, we ask upfront payment for our proofreading and editing services. If you submit a document to us for proofreading or editing, we may not start working on your document unless payment is made. However, if your order is too long, we can set up payment in increments based on the length of your document.

At least 50% deposit is required for us to start working on your document. The remaining balance will be paid once work is completed by us.

Edit Write Services is a legitimate business and we have the proper licenses required to operate legally both online and offline. We have served a number of satisfied clients from around the globe and we will continue to help grow their businesses through the services we offer. You can be assured that the service you requested and paid for will be delivered to you as promised.

If you are a first time customer and is hesitant to hire us to edit your work, you may send us a portion of your document first and we will edit it for free. Please note that for long documents, we will only edit the first two pages as a sample for our editing skills.

If you are not happy with the edits done to your document, you may request us to have your document re-edited. If such a case occurs, please mention the basis of your complaints and why you want to have your document re-edited. Our quality assurance team will make an investigation based on your complaints and if found to have a valid basis, we will gladly make the necessary revisions until you are satisfied with the changes being made. We will re-edit your document free of charge. You may ask for a revision on the following basis:


  • Errors are still visible in the document
  • The editor did not make the necessary corrections as per your instructions (e.g., style guide to be used, formatting, etc.
  • The editing done on your document was not satisfactory.


No. We do not perform a free re-edit on documents that have additional words added to it after it has been sent back to you. In case you need the words you added to be edited, please make a new order instead. You can specify in your instructions that you only want the new added words to be edited. Payment for the order will be computed based on the number of words you want edited only not on the entire document.

We will certainly refund the money you paid for our services. However, if we have already started working on your document before you made the cancellation, we may charge a fee for the refund. A portion of the total amount will be deducted from the refund amount to compensate for the time and effort we have spent on editing your document.

You should request for our proofreading service only if your document is already on its final draft or if you feel that your document does not need heavy editing. By final draft, it means that your document may have already been previously edited or your document needs only slight corrections. If you need to have heavy editing done on your document, it is advised to use our editing service instead.

No, there is no minimum order required to avail of our editing and proofreading services. However, we do require a minimum payment ($3.00 for proofreading and $4.50 for editing). This means that if you need a one-page document edited, regardless of whether it only has 50 or 250 words, you will still be required to pay the minimum amount.

Definitely, no. Your information is safe with us. We value your privacy and we will never disclose or share your information with third parties. Your document will also be kept safe and will be deleted from our system after it has been sent back to you.

Yes, we do. Aside from editing, we also offer Article Writing, eBook Ghostwriting, Search Engine Optimization, Press Release Writing, Review Writing, Blogging, Blog Management, and Article Submission Services. Please refer to our Services page to view a complete list of the services we offer by client category.