Google Penguin — Google’s New Search Algorithm

Is your website falling down the search engine ranking? If it is, it may be because of Google’s new search algorithm, the Google Penguin. Google is known to change its search algorithm every now and then in an effort to eliminate spam content and content mills. Google’s latest update, the Penguin, punishes duplicate content and takes out the inadequate websites from the first page. The main reason why it exists is to attack techniques that involve underhanded back linking while rewarding strong websites.

Why Penguin Can Help Your Website

If you use organic and quality SEO tactics, Penguin can assist you in getting to the first page of searches. Penguin gives focus to backlinks and how they are generated to increase page ranking. It does not matter whether you have several links pointing to your website. What is important is the reputation and the superiority of the website that is linking to your domain.

SEO technicians will no longer be compensated for creating shortcuts on their search engine optimization efforts. Therefore, when you see those backlink offers from different firms or groups, they are not only worthless but they can also be dangerous for your business.

Content Still Rules

Even though the update has taken place, content still matters—and it greatly does. If you don’t put quality content on your website, there is a huge chance that it has now gone down since the update occurred. This new algorithm incorporates Latent Semantic Indexing where Google can no longer be fooled by methods like badly done article spinning and generic content.

Natural Backlinks Are Indispensable

The main idea of Penguin is to lessen shortcuts in link building. If you are a reputable SEO expert, you know that this is true. If you practice organic, solid link building, Penguin will give you incentives by helping your website get recognized by potential customers. Honest practices, such as on-page optimization and mixed anchor text, are strongly encouraged.

How Your Website Can Recover

If your site has been hit by Penguin and has considerably gone down in the search results, don’t panic. There are several ways by which you can regain your position. One effective method is to know why your website was affected. A reason for this may be blog spamming. This is the practice where you post an article on your blog and have it reposted on other blogs automatically.

Another is through unnatural links. If you suddenly have several keywords with links and they have formed an unnatural pattern, Google will detect them. This will cause your site to get cut from the first page of the search results. When you link to other sites, make sure that you use the URL, put the brand name, or simply use generic items such as “click here.”

As Google continues to update its ranking algorithms, SEO tries to keep up with those modifications. If you want your website to recover quickly, avoid using black hat SEO. Instead, improve what you have right now. At the current time, Google has more than 200 signals that are used to determine the ranking of websites. Focus on creating good content and organize your website well so that you will stay at the top of searches even with the changes in Google’s algorithm.

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