Risks of Email Marketing

Many marketers love email marketing due to so many reasons. One is the cost-efficiency of this marketing strategy. Indeed, with little to no financial resources involved, you can send emails to both potential and existing customers. However, like many other marketing techniques, this method does not come without risks. Especially when done incorrectly, email marketing could do more harm than good. It could get your domain name blacklisted and send your customers away to your competitors. The following are some of the risks of email marketing:

ISP Blocking

Sending huge amounts of emails a day can send a warning signal to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), prompting them to block your email address. Email marketing is often confused with email blasting due to the huge number of emails that is sent on a regular basis. Blasting is considered spam, so your ISP may resort to blocking you to protect the other users.

You Might Be Marked as Spam

Email marketing has always been associated with spamming. When a certain user is not interested in the emails that you send, he or she may mark you as spam. Reports that you are sending spam messages will once again get the attention of your ISP. Your email account is not the only thing that you should worry about here. Your domain name may also get blacklisted. This is a huge problem because this means that you would have to start over from scratch. You will likely need a new domain name, email addresses, and a new website. To avoid being labeled as spam, your emails should only reach people who want to hear from you.

Your Email List May Be Outdated

In some instances, marketers make the mistake of using email lists that are already outdated, resulting to a number of email bounces. To avoid such issues, you should always make it a point to have an updated list before sending the emails. Perform some research about your recipients and see if their emails are still active. If you have an email service provider, you do not have to worry about this because they can take care of keeping your list clean for you.

Though there are risks associated with email marketing, this method still remains one of the best ways to advertise products or services. It is not as costly as other marketing methods. Make it a point to do email marketing the right way to avoid getting penalties and to reap the benefits it offers. At all times, avoid spamming and use good marketing practices only.

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