What You Should Know About Collaborative Editing

There are times when teamwork is a big help, especially when it comes to productivity. The more people there are working on a certain project, the easier and faster it is to complete it. Collaborative editing, as the name suggests, is an exercise that promotes participation of other people on a single project. You may be used to one editor looking at your work, but with collaborative editing, there will be two or more editors who will review the piece.

If you plan to hire an editor and are informed that the editing process will be conducted by more than one editor, you do not have to say no so fast. In fact, collaborative or group editing can be useful, especially if you want the job to be done quickly. As with some processes, there are advantages and disadvantages of collaborative editing.

Why Collaborative Editing is Useful

There are several benefits offered by group editing. These include:

  • Different Perspectives. Most companies have editors who have various technical and professional backgrounds. When they come together, they produce great results because all angles are measured. Consequently, you get an attractive outcome for your work.
  • Creativity. When a company offers collaborative editing, you can expect that there would be several different voices working on your article. The teams of editors are all well-structured so that they can meet the needs of the clients. These individuals provide their outlook on the project they are working on, giving you more creative solutions.
  • Improved Delivery Times. Since there are two or more people working on a single project, the collaborative effort results to a completed job before the deadline.

Is Collaborative Editing for You?

Despite the benefits of collaborative editing listed above, there can be some disadvantages that may hinder the success of your project. These disadvantages include the following:

  • Conflict. While group editing offers various perspectives for the project, there is a looming threat that stronger personalities would become too persuasive. What happens is that they take over the editing process and their ideas become the outcome of the editing process.
  • High Costs. Since there will be two or more professional editors who will take a look at your document, you may have to pay higher compared to just hiring one editor. The large group of individuals involved in the project usually means that the cost will be greater.
  • Delay. While it is mentioned above that delivery times can be improved, there is also the risk of delay. Two or more people are involved in the editing process, causing the decision-making process to take longer. The more people involved in the project, the longer it may take to finish it because of the extra consultation.

Collaborative editing can be quite useful for writers or authors who want to make sure their work is flawless. However, there needs to be a properly implemented system so that the benefits are maximized. You can always go for the traditional way, where only one professional editor will check your work. As long as the editor is reputable, you can be sure you have nothing to worry about.

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